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The Art of the Album

We've reached the last couple of days of 'The Art of the Album' at London's Gallery@OXO where last night saw a great turn out to celebrate the show. Many of the artists involved turned out, with Storm Thorgerson giving a talk on some of the work he had on display including the covers for Peter Gabriel 1, 2 and 3.

The show ends tomorrow - January 15th.

oxo_end_01.jpg oxo_end_02.jpg oxo_end_03.jpg

Barefoot Against Poverty

Every day is Human Rights Day but this 10th December, the world goes Barefoot Against Poverty

Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel and Jeff Skoll join campaign to raise awareness for human rights by tackling poverty.

"I'm delighted to support the Barefoot Against Poverty campaign. It's extraordinary and shameful that we allow millions of children to go without food in their bellies or shoes on their feet." Peter Gabriel

Peter Christopherson: 1955-2010

We tip our hats to Mr Peter Christopherson.

"Photographer, music video director, musician and former partner at design company Hipgnosis, Peter Christopherson, sadly passed away on Wednesday in his home in Bangkok, Thailand, aged 55..."

Peter Gabriel and Salman Ahmad CBC News Podcast

Peter and Salman talk about their collaboration 'Open Your Eyes' in aid of Pakistan flood relief in this CBC podcast.

Album Art

"I've always loved artwork and album art. I think it's been a huge part of what people identify and feel about the music and the records" said Peter Gabriel "I used to love gatefold sleeves... when you would sit with a new record and open it up it was just a precious moment. Now we've gone into this digital world a lot of that has been lost. We've being looking at ways of getting quality prints of the artwork for a long time and I'm happy now it has happened."